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The Velvet Brass Duffy Morton put his love of music to good use when he formed the Velvet Brass in 1980. The band consists of four members playing trumpet, saxophone, keyboard, and drums. The band plays music in several styles, including big band swing, light jazz, soft rock, Latin, classic rock, Dixieland, and old time. Velvet Brass plays for special events, dances and gigs in the area. Duffy is one of the reasons the Winter Dance Club exists today.

Contact: John “Duffy” Morton, at 320-424-0514 or velvetbrass@gmail.com  

O’Hagan Orchestra The  O'Hagan Orchestra is a working big dance band in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. With Jerry O’Hagan’s retirement in 2015, the band is now led by Mike Haynes and Charmin Michelle, who have been long time band members. Mike Haynes plays lead trombone. Charmin Michelle, who sings in the style of Billie Holliday, is the band's featured female vocalist. The band can be found many Sundays playing at the Cinema Ballroom in St Paul. Contact: 612-710-3043 or cm@charmsongs.com  www.jerryoh.com

O’Hagan Combo A five member combo featuring Charmin Michelle and Mike Haynes. Charmin has been the featured vocalist in the Jerry O’Hagan Orchestra since 1993. The Minneapolis Star Tribune describes her voice as "taste and understatement, swing and savoir-faire, grace and grooves, intimacy and panache. Singer Charmin Michelle delivers all of the above and more.” Mike Haynes has been entertaining audiences since childhood as a vocalist, a musician, and a band leader. His smooth trombone playing has been heard in jazz groups, pit orchestras, combos, classical ensembles, and show and dance bands throughout the US.  Currently, Mike plays in many groups in the Twin Cities. Contact:  Charmin Michelle, cm@charmsongs.com or 612-710-3043

Julie Lee White Rose Band  was started in 1995, and is based out of Fargo, ND. The band has worked all the corners of the Midwest and in the Southwest. The four-piece group features clarinets, saxes, trumpet, keyboards, and accordion. The music features a wide variety of styles, from country, big band and '50s, to old-time waltzes & polkas, with a focus on good “dance” music. Depending on the venue, the band can play more on the country side, big band side or old-time side, whatever is required. The band was chosen as the 2009 Minnesota Ballroom Operators Association ”Band of the Year.” Contact: Julie Lee at julielee@whiteroseband.comwww.whiteroseband.com