Winter Dance Club 2022-2023

For more information contact:
 Barbara Benson
Phone 320.766-6675

Schedule of Dances


Sundays • 3-6pm

Nov 13    O’Hagan Combo

Jan 22    Velvet Brass

Feb 26    Velvet Brass 

Mar 26    O’Hagan Combo

Apr 23    Velvet Brass

Vaccinated Guests attending a single dance will pay $15 per person. Admission may be applied toward membership.

Membership is:

$75 per couple for five dances.

$45 for 17-30 yr. olds.

$90 Sustaining members.

Individual passes are also available.

The club provides a lesson prior to most Sunday dances. Lessons, free with admission, are provided by Dance Club members.

People attending will see couples dressed in their “Sunday best” dancing to fox trot, swing, waltz, rock and roll, polka, and latin music.

Dress Code: No jeans or shorts.

What if I join mid-season?

Membership dues are prorated for members joining at or after the third dance.

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